Volunteers Wanted for Team Arisia

Positions Available for Arisia 2019

Last updated: June 22, 2018

If you don't see a position you like, take a look at the Org Chart. A position without a name might be open. Also you could submit a volunteer form, and we'll try to find a position for you.

Newsdesk Area Head

Responsibilities: This is a year-round position for a tech-savy volunteer.

  • Collect content from multiple internal sources: Arisia convention staff will reach out when they have content they want publicized
  • Maintain content schedule and timeline: Newsdesk should keep track of other deadlines within the convention so they can reach out to division or area heads that might need help generating content for their division/area.
  • Categorize content for distribution and publishing: Newsdesk needs to understand the appropriate time and publication platform for maximum effect.
  • Proofread and edit content: This includes working with Digital Media to try to add multimedia content to posts when possible.
  • Sends content to other Communication areas: Once the content is ready it is sent to Social Media, Newsletter, etc to be published in those specific avenues.
  • Manage Newsdesk staff: The Newsdesk Area Head also needs to manage a team of staff to ensure coverage and shared workload.


Contact: @email

Guest of Honor Pre-Con Staff

Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities are to see to the needs of the guest they are working with, maintain good communication between the guest and the Con, and do so calmly and efficiently. The GOH Pre-Con Staff will work with many other areas of convention (including Programming, Events, Masquerade, Art Show etc.) as needed to arrange the guest's schedule to the benefit of the guest and the Con.


Contact: @email