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Arisia 2025 will be at the Hyatt Regency Boston/Cambridge, January 17-20, 2025.

This website is in the process of migrating from Arisia 2024 to Arisia 2025.

Registration FAQ

Q: How do I register online?

A: Online registration is currently available. Instructions for how to use the Registration system are also available.

Online registration will be open throughout Arisia at You can pre-purchase a membership, review or update your information, and sign the Code of Conduct online, which will speed up your trip through Registration.

Q: Does this include one-day memberships?

A: One-day memberships are not on sale at this time.

For a one-day-only membership, you can register online as well, but you'll have to wait until the day-of to purchase that membership (i.e., only weekend and Friday memberships can be bought on Friday, only weekend and Saturday memberships on Saturday, etc).

Q: Do I need a PayPal account to pay online?

A: No. You can use your credit card on the PayPal site, without a PayPal account.

Q: I haven't been to Arisia in a very long time, do I already have an account?

A: Yes! We keep old registration data.

Q: I can't remember what email address I used to register for Arisia in the past, should I just create a new account?

A: No! We are happy to reset the email for your account, please email Click here to show mail address to arrange this.

Q: How do I change my Name/Badge Name/Address/Email/Phone number with Arisia?

A: You can do this by logging into your Arisia account on the registration site.

Q: When I registered on the website, the blurb said I would be asked my security question at the convention. How will my security question be used at the convention?

A: The blurb in the website regarding use of your security question is inaccurate, and we are working to modify its text. If you have paid for your membership and completed the registration process, you will not be asked your security question at the convention. If you need to buy a membership or update your membership type at con, you will need to use your security question to log into the system. Your security question's answer functions just like a password for this purpose. You will not need your security question to purchase year-ahead memberships.

Q: Can I purchase memberships for other people? Even if I already have a membership?

A: Yes! If you do not know the member's email address and security question answer, please email to arrange this.

Q: How can I check to see if my child is already registered?

A: Email

Q: How do I directly access the accounts for my children?

A: If you have used a separate email address to register your child in the past, please just do a password reset with that email address. Otherwise, email Click here to show mail address and we'll get you set up.

Q: Can I check to see if someone else is already registered?

A: Arisia does not give out information regarding our members. If you are inquiring about the registration status of a family member, please email For more information, see Arisia's Privacy Policy.

Q: If my child is an infant, do they need to have a membership?

A: Yes! Even newborns need to be registered for Arisia. Please register them with a no-cost Kid-In-Tow (KIT) type membership.

Q: What sort of membership should I purchase for my child?

A: There are several types of memberships for children:

  • Kid-In-Tow are no-cost memberships for when your child (of any age) will be in the presence of a responsible adult with their own membership at all times.
  • Fast Track is for children aged 5-12 to join their peers and participate in age-appropriate programming.
  • Student Memberships at a discounted price are available for current students aged 13-25; students 18 or older need a current student ID.

More information about children at Arisia.

Q: I need a personal care aide or other companion. Do they need to purchase a membership?

A: No, though they will need a badge to accompany you into most areas of the convention. Purchase a membership for yourself, and then email Click here to show mail address with your name, their name and contact information, and ask for an Adult-in-Tow (AIT) membership for them. We will provide them with a badge at no cost.

Q: I am over the age of 25, but a student, can I still get the student rate?

A: Sorry, the student rate is only available for persons aged 13-25. Students aged 18 or older must show current student ID when they check in at the convention.

Q: I do not want to pay for my membership online, can I still pre-register?

A: Yes! You may use the online system to print out the form and mail it in along with your payment.

Q: Can I pre-register and just pay at the door?

A: Discounted pre-registrations must be paid for before the next rate increase. You may pre-register online and pay the full at-door price when you arrive to pick up your badge.

Q: When does the registration rate go up?

A: These are the dates when the rates change:

  • $55.00 through 9/30
  • $65.00 10/1 through 12/31
  • $75.00 After 12/31 and at-door

For more info please see the Registration information page.

Q: What are the one-day rates for the convention?

A: Please see the rates on the Registration information page.

Q: Can I pre-register for a day membership?

A: No, day memberships are only available on the day in question

Q: How do I cancel my registration?

A: To cancel your registration, e-mail Click here to show mail address. Please provide your reasons and enough information (such as name and badge number) to identify the registration you wish to cancel.

If you have purchased a registration but want to transfer the membership to another individual or roll over the membership to next year's convention, please email Click here to show mail address.

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer after registering?

A: By emailing Click here to show mail address. For more information, please see our Volunteers' page.

Q: How do I get my badge?

A: Come to the registration desk at Arisia. We will ask you for a photo ID. If you are unable to show us one, one of our Managers on Duty will work with you. If you have a Student membership and are between the ages of 18 and 25, you will have to bring your Student ID or other forms of proof that you are 25 years of age or under, and currently enrolled in some formal educational program.

Q: Can I get a lost badge reprinted?

A: Yes, once. If your badge is lost, come to Registration with your photo ID. If it was turned in we will reunite you with it. If it was not turned in, lost badges will be replaced for a one-time fee of $5.00. The fee may be refundable upon return of the original badge. The second time a lost badge replacement is requested, you will be required to purchase a replacement membership at full price.

Q: My password for Planorama/Staff Site/Other Arisia Site does not seem to work when I try and login to the registration site. Help!

A: Currently each of these systems has their own password, even if your login is the same. Please do a password reset to gain access to the registration site.

Q: I heard Arisia has a cap?

A: We do not expect to cap attendance this year.

If you are coming to the convention for a single day, check the status on this website first, just to be sure. Email Click here to show mail address or Click here to show mail address if you have other questions about the attendance cap policy

Q: My question was not addressed in this FAQ, how can I find the information I am looking for?

A: For further information check the Registration information page, the Arisia Corporate Policies Page, or you may email the registration staff at Click here to show mail address.