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Access to the Art Show and Dealers Room is open to everyone (no membership is needed)

Photo by Cat Trzaskowski

Previously the Arisia 2020 Art Show located at the hotel and featured work by 78 artists including our Artist Guest of Honor Kristina Carroll.  Subject matter included science fiction, fantasy, space, and other speculative subjects, in a wide variety of media.

The Art Show is curated by our Artist Guest of Honor, Hannibal King, and others.  Artists have already been selected for the 2021 Arisia Art Show, however we will still accept names for the waitlist.

There is a small showing fee, but no commission is charged on sales by Arisia. For the virtual Arisia 2021, Art Show sales will be handled by the individual artists.  More information is available on the rules and fees page.

More information about the Art Show, including sales statistics, are available on previous convention's website.

2020 Art Show Winners

Best in Show

Lioness Seahorse by Kimberly's Creatures

Popular Choice 2D

Nocturne V by Kate Adams

Popular Choice 3D

Frost Giant Mask by Embercraft Creations

Artist Guest of Honor's Choice

Things Slipped Through Our Fingers by Reiko Muramaki

Author Guest of Honor's Choice

Young Dragon Mage by Kristina Carroll

Fan Guest of Honor Awards

Wishing Dragon by Rachel Creemer

Convention Chair's Choice

Not to Scale by Theresa Halbert

Art Show Directors' Choice

Woodelf Warrior on Stellar's Jay by Heather Gamble
Our Lady of the Bird by Lori Del Genis

Art Show Staff Choice:

Kristina Carroll
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