Going Virtual

This site is in the process of being updated for the virtual convention.


Arisia 2021 will be a virtual convention.

Check back soon for more updates


The Standard membership for the virtual Arisia will be $25 for any age, whether purchased now or at the door.  For people who have purchased memberships at the old prices, please contact registration@arisia.org for a full refund or rollover for membership to Arisia 2022 (Deadline for these requests is 12/31/2020).

In addition, there will also be two sliding scale memberships of $0 and $75.   We will have Scholarship memberships available at no cost to anyone who needs them.  We will also have a Sustaining Membership rate of $75 for those who can help us meet our commitments to the needs of our community. Further details below.

There will be no separate "one-day" memberships rates for Arisia 2021.
There will be no separate Turtle Track memberships rates for Arisia 2021

Fast Track (6-12) and Teen (13-17) memberships will be available at the same rates as above.

All of the memberships mentioned allow attendance to the Arisia 2021 online convention. Lower or higher monetary amounts confer no lesser or greater membership level or benefits.

The Scholarship Membership was developed in response to the significant economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on members of the Arisia community, as well as a recognition of the inequity and unequal financial burden placed more on some members of our community than others. The Scholarship Membership and  the Sustaining Membership are pilot membership rates we are trying out for Arisia 2021. The Scholarship Membership for Arisia 2021 is $0.

The Sustaining Membership is a way of providing additional resources to the Arisia convention for those who wish to do so..  Purchasing a membership at this higher rate allows us additional funding to devote to currently planned Programming, Events, and other items as well as possibly add new ones. The Sustaining Membership for Arisia 2021 is $75.



Fast Track and Teens

Fast Track is a separate track of program items geared specifically for children aged 6 to 12 years.

Teen Track will have programming aimed at children 13-17.

Weekend rates for both are shown above. More information about Fast Track and Teen is available at Kids and Teens at Arisia.


Online Registration

Online Registration for Arisia 2021 will be closed while we reconfigure the registration system.

Arisia 2022 memberships will available starting Sunday of the convention at noon.


Other Registration Information

  • Refunds: We do not normally issue refunds (see above), but you can transfer your paid membership to another person, or you can roll over your membership to the following year, if the Con Chair okays the rollover.
  • Transferring memberships: You can sell or transfer your paid membership to someone else, as long as you are transferring it to someone else eligible for the same registration type (i.e., adult to adult, student to student, etc.), and the membership was purchased in the same year as the transfer (i.e., is not a rollover membership). The seller (that's you) just needs to send email to registration@arisia.org saying who you're transferring it to - give all the information you would for a normal registration (name, mailing address, email address, badge name) and we'll do the transfer.
  • Convention members are required to access certain portions of the convention, such as panels.
  • Everyone attending Arisia is expected to abide by Arisia's Code of Conduct.

If you have questions about Registration, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email us.

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