Dealers Room Assistants

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We are looking for people to help keep an eye on the Dealers Room during the convention and during move-in and move-out

Depending upon the hours of your shift(s) your responsibilities may include, among other things, the following

During move-in:
  • Help shift tables into position
  • Check-in dealers
  • Help dealers find their tables
  • Help hang signs
  • Answer questions

During the convention:
  • Help open and close the Dealers Room each day and for the lunch hour
  • Keep an eye on the Dealers Room
  • Periodically wander through the Dealers Room and see how dealers are doing
  • Answer questions from Dealers and the public
  • Bonus: Someone with a loud voice to announce room closings

During move-out
  • Keep an eye on the Dealers Room
  • Assist with clearing the room of signs and Arisia equipment
  • Answer questions

At All Times
  • Alert the Dealer Liaison to important matters
  • Help ensure dealers are complying with mask and food policies
  • Herding cats