Track Manager

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Track managers are the members of Arisia Programming Staff who are responsible for the creation and assignment of panels for all four days of the convention. Potential track managers should be able to make decisions in a timely manner, communicate comfortably via email, real-time chat, slack, etc., multitask with relative ease and work well within a team structure. It would also be extremely helpful to be at the convention for all four days if possible. Because this kind of work can get complex, having two co-managers, or a manager with an assistant, is an option. Currently there are openings for Track Managers for the Communities, Literature, and Science tracks.

General duties of a track manager are as follows:

Panel Creation and Execution

  • Sort through suggestions submitted to the Brainstorming forums, panel submission form and social media outlets, for new ideas for panels. This also includes coming up with your own ideas.
  • Writing descriptions of the panels to be viewed by potential panelists.
  • Assigning panelists based on the submission statements, the 1 to 5 rating system and general availability.
  • Schedule the panels using the Grid Scheduler in Zambia (Arisia's scheduling application).
  • Work with staffing to resolve scheduling conflicts and changes as needed.

           Staff Duties

  • Work with Programming Management Staff to select potential panelists from the general panelist pool as well as recruit new panelists to participate in the convention.
  • Use Zambia for panel creation, assignment and scheduling.
  • Updating reports and notes about panelists including incoming or outgoing panelists. 
  • Communicate openly with other Programming Staff and Programming Management about changes or any potential issues that may arise before and during the convention itself.


At-con, Data entry, Email-heavy, Pre-con