Masquerade Full Rules

Masquerade Rules for Virtual Masquerade at Arisia

The Arisia Masquerade is a costume showcase featuring your fellow convention members. For Arisia 2021 we will have a Virtual Masquerade, a video presentation of your submissions of your costumes that will be released on our website on Sunday night of Arisia. So we are asking you to participate by sending us videos or photos of you in your costumes. It’s an opportunity to show off a new costume or even an old costume, maybe one you have worn before at Arisia. I am sorry to say that there will be no judging or awards this year as I do not feel that a proper assessment of the costumes and presentations will be possible with our virtual format. So please send or share with us a video or photos and we will edit them into our Virtual Masquerade.  

Please fill out the Sign-up form and I will contact you to discuss your entry. We are asking you to take photos or videos using a camera or phone of you and your costume and either upload it to our Google Drive folder, or send us a link so that we can download the file or files. We will then edit it into the Masquerade video. You may also talk about your costume; what inspired you for this character, how you went about designing and making it. You can show off any props you have made, or show us your work space. 

The Arisia Masquerade will be on Sunday evening..

Registering to Participate

The online signup form must be completed by noon Friday, January 1st, 2021. The submission deadline to send in the video or photos is January 8th, 2021. 

The Form

Fill out the primary contact information completely, especially the Contact Phone Number and Email Address, as we will need to correspond about your entry. After you submit the form I will email you with instructions regarding how and where to submit the files for your submission. I will also send a release for anyone who will be appearing in your submission.

Enter the title of your presentation next, followed by the genre, skill division, category, costume source, who designed it and who made it, and all the participant names for who will appear in your presentation. This information will be read by the Emcee before and after your performance.

The Genre is the category the costume falls under. For example, if it’s a spacesuit it could be science fiction, or something from an Anime show, or from a fantasy story.


For Skills Division Arisia Masquerade uses the guidelines set up by the International Costumer’s Guild:

  • Young Fan Division is for children age 12 and younger in costumes designed and created at home by themselves and their parents. Parents may be part of the presentation on stage as a prop.
  • Novice Division is to encourage beginners in Costuming. Anyone who has not won an award for presentation is considered to be a Novice.
  • Journeyman Division is an interim level to allow further development of costuming skills. If you have won a presentation award at the Novice level you can consider yourself a Journeyman. If you have won three awards as a Journeyman you should consider yourself in the Master level.
  • Master/Craftsman Division is an open class for those who have won at least three awards at Journeyman level. Professionals are considered Craftsman.

Introduction and Audio

The Emcee will introduce all entrants during the Masquerade. Entrants have options for a standard intro, or submit a personalized intro for the Emcee to read. 

Limitations or Restrictions on Costumes and Props

  1. No pre-recorded music. Please talk to us about music selection so that we can avoid use of copyrighted music in the video.
  2. All Masquerade entries must be PG-13.

Technical Information

You can use a phone, video camera, or photo camera for your submission. The preferred video file format is MP4 at a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p), or smaller, but no smaller than 640x480. We can discuss any aspects of how to video record your entry, the file format, and any audio concerns. Photos can be JPEG or PNG formats, but other formats are acceptable. We reserve the right to edit your submission for time and content.

The Masquerade Sign-up Form is here:


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