Anime/Video Room Area Head

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Have you ever wanted to share your favorite SF and Anime movies and TV shows with 1,500 of your closest friends?

Arisia is looking for someone to manage the Anime and Video Room.

  • Select movies and TV shows
  • Obtain recordings (either personal recordings or borrow from friends)
    • Arisia can help with purchasing some of the recordings
  • Create one-paragraph descriptions of the recordings for publication
  • Schedule the recordings
    • Arisia will help with recruiting staff
  • Get things started
  • Make sure the room is staffed at all times (get volunteer hours for watching videos)
  • Periodically check on the room to make sure everything is going well.
For the purposes of the licenses, physical media for copyrighted videos will be required (no bootleg recordings), but transferring recordings to a Roku-type device is an option.

Arisia will set up a DVD/Blu Ray player (or appropriate device), sound system and screen.

Independent, Seated Pre-Con Managing Staff