Arisia 2021 - Virtual Convention Space

Arisia 2021 will take place entirely online, primarily across Discord, Zoom, and a new Arisia Virtual Convention website, designed specifically for this convention with an eye to recreating what we all love most about an in-person convention experience.

The interactive schedule will have links to the Virtual Site room for each of the panels, where you’ll find panel information and Zoom links. Discord will have channels for you to chat with other congoers and ask a few more questions of panelists after the panel ends. Discord channels will be available for the length of the convention. Fan Tables will be using Discord this year as well.

Panels on Zoom will not be recorded for reasons of privacy.

Art Show and Dealer's Room

Art Show and the Dealer's Room will be available to the public for the first time in Arisia history! Guests will still need a membership to attend the panels in Zoom and access chat areas in Discord. Please see our Membership Rates on the Registration page.

This year, Art Show and Dealer sales will happen through the specific Artists' and Dealers' websites. Links will be provided on their pages.

Getting Access

Registered attendees will receive email instructions on how to access member content and set up Zoom and Discord in advance. You’ll need to log into the new website using the login information you used when you registered for the convention. Once inside you’ll have access to all the convention content through our interactive menus and schedule.

Help Desk will be standing by, ready to assist with any technical issues you encounter while setting up your account. Accessibility is key for us, and we'll be providing closed captioning for as much online content as we can. Check individual item descriptions to see what supports closed captioning.


If you have not already registered for the convention, head to

For registration questions, visit Our main site Registration page or email email

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