Westin Food

The Westin hotel operates Sauciety Restaurant, Starbucks (behind the escalator to the Mezzanine level), and Birch Bar (in the lobby).

(updated 12/21/2021 - Times are subject to change)


Open for breakfast and lunch: 6:30am - 2pm

Birch Bar

Open for dinner and drinks: 4pm - 12pm

Birch Bar's closing times are at manager's discretion, based on business volume.


Depending upon staffing, the Starbucks may be open 24 hours during Arisia. They may close briefly to do  cash register close outs during the early hours of the morning.

Room Service

Available 4pm - 11pm

Also inside the hotel are MJ O'Connor's and City Bar. These restaurants are not owned by the hotel, but you can charge your bill to your hotel room. During busy times at Arisia, City Bar may switch to be overflow space for MJ O'Connor's.

There is also a night club at the hotel called Laugh Boston.