Virtual Arisia Accounts Information

Hello from Arisia 2021’s Remote division!

Our virtual convention starts Friday, and we’re here with some important information to help you set up the online accounts you’ll need.

Most of this year’s online Arisia will take place through three platforms:

  • The Virtual Arisia Website
  • Zoom
  • Discord

To Set Up Your Accounts:

Virtual Arisia Site:

Make sure you’ve registered at and signed the Code of Conduct.

If you do not remember your username and password, go to, select “reset password,” and type in the e-mail address you used to register. The password reset process will also remind you of your username.

Use your same registration username and password to log into the Virtual Arisia site.

Please note that if you requested a rollover it will be processed after the convention; logging in to the remote site will use the registration and cancel the rollover.

The full Virtual Arisia site will open to attendees at 12pm EST on Friday, January 15, 2021.


Creating a (free) Zoom account will allow you to save settings like your name and pronouns you want others to see while you’re in Arisia Zoom sessions. An account is not required to use Zoom, to download and use the Zoom app, or to access Arisia’s Zoom content.

If you already have an account, you may want to check the information visible in your profile, especially if the name and photo you want to display during the convention are different from the name and photo you normally display for work or personal use.

Zoom has an app that you can download for your computer or mobile device and use with or without an account. You can also use Zoom in your browser, but some features are not available or don’t work as well this way.

If you already have Zoom downloaded, you’ll want to check which version you’re running and update to at least version 5.3.1.



Please do these steps AFTER logging on to the Virtual Arisia site.

Have an existing Discord account, or make a new one on the Discord website.

Open the discord app or webpage and log in.

Join Arisia’s Discord server:

Wait five minutes before moving on the next step to link your accounts (the Virtual Arisia site queries Discord once every five minutes for a list of new users).

Link your account on the Virtual Arisia site by going to

Your Discord nickname is set to your Arisia badge name. You can change your badge name on

General Discord help can be found in the #discord-101 channel.

For more information, visit the Info section of the Virtual Arisia site. The full Virtual Arisia site will open to attendees at 12pm EST on Friday, January 15, 2021. There will also be two “Arisia orientation” panels to help introduce you to the virtual convention: 7pm EST on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!

The Arisia 2021 Remote Team
(Chris, Deborah, Emily, Erika, Gail, Justin, and Raven)


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