Schedule, by Track - Arisia 2024

Arisia 2024 Schedule, by Area

Arisia 2024 Schedule, by Area

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Arisia Corp & Convention

Saturday 10:00am Arisia 101: An Introduction
Saturday 1:00pm Saturday Feedback Session
Saturday 2:30pm Making Arisia Happen
Sunday 1:00pm Arisia January Corporate Meeting
Monday 11:30am Monday Feedback Session

Art & Maker

Friday 7:00pm Books for Artists
Saturday 11:30am Making a Living in a Creative Field
Saturday 1:00pm Director’s Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 2:30pm Descriptive Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 4:00pm Tactile Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 4:00pm Artist, Craftsperson, Maker, Crafter – What’s in a Name?
Saturday 7:00pm Art Show Open House for Fans with Disabilities
Saturday 8:30pm Making Makers Make
Sunday 10:00am Depicting Diversity in Visual Art
Sunday 1:00pm Branching Out with Your Art
Sunday 4:00pm AI Created and Assisted Art – Threat or Menace?
Sunday 7:00pm Designing Things That Don’t Exist
Sunday 8:30pm Ask a Maker
Monday 10:00am How Do You Price Your Art?
Monday 11:30am Making Space for Making


Saturday 2:30pm Comics and the Women Who Love Them
Saturday 2:30pm Creating Comics: From Idea to Finished Product
Saturday 5:30pm Beyond Classics Illustrated – Comic Book Adaptations of Prose Works
Sunday 10:00am Alternate History in Comics
Sunday 1:00pm I Give Up! Knowing When to Walk Away
Sunday 5:30pm Insanity and Evil in Comics
Sunday 10:00pm Standing on the Shoulders of Idiots: Remembering Jaffee, Treasuring Aragonés
Monday 10:00am Manga 101: Introduction to Reading Right to Left


Friday 5:30pm Mental Illness: Separating Fact from Fiction
Friday 7:00pm Gender & Sexual Identity Representation in Media
Friday 8:30pm Self-Care at Conventions
Saturday 10:00am Advanced Topics In Polyamory
Saturday 1:00pm Con-Going While Disabled
Saturday 1:00pm What Is Happening to Trans Rights?
Saturday 5:30pm Being Trans in Fandom
Saturday 8:30pm Age and Fandom: What It Looks Like After 50
Sunday 10:00am Connecting with Your Kids Through Media
Sunday 11:30am Disability and Family
Sunday 11:30am The Bi+ Panel
Sunday 2:30pm Cancel Culture in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Spaces
Sunday 4:00pm Fight For Your Kids’ Rights: Special Education
Sunday 5:30pm Proper Pronouns Matter

Cosplay & Costuming

Friday 8:30pm Carrying All the Things
Saturday 10:00am Menswear Costuming Challenges
Saturday 2:30pm Care and Feeding of Costumes
Saturday 8:30pm Steampunk, Evolved
Sunday 11:30am My First Masquerade
Sunday 4:00pm Cosplay and Dis/ability
Sunday 6:00pm Masquerade Green Room
Sunday 8:00pm Masquerade

Fan Interest

Friday 5:30pm Collecting Your Childhood
Friday 7:00pm Super Awesome Advice Panel!
Friday 7:00pm Geeky Belly Dance Show
Friday 8:30pm Dramatic Readings from the Ig Nobel Prizes
Friday 10:00pm PMRP presents Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine
Saturday 1:00pm AI in the Classroom
Saturday 2:00pm Renaissance Ball
Saturday 2:30pm Toe Beans and Whiskers
Saturday 4:00pm The Summer of “Barbenheimer”
Saturday 4:00pm Hallucinating Shakespeare
Saturday 5:00pm The Mrs. Hawking Series: Fallen Woman
Saturday 5:30pm Boil ‘em, Mash ‘em, Stick ‘em in a Stew...
Saturday 5:30pm Nostalgia Ain’t What it Used to Be
Saturday 7:00pm Museums Reckon with History
Saturday 8:00pm Windborne Concert
Saturday 10:30pm Rocky Horror—Shiver with Antici...pation
Sunday 10:00am The State of the American Public Library
Sunday 11:00am Green Dragon Circus Acrobats
Sunday 11:00am Medieval and Renaissance Swordfighting Demo and Class
Sunday 11:30am Heaven and Hell in Pop Culture
Sunday 1:00pm Is ___ a Sandwich?
Sunday 2:30pm Fascinating Timelines of History
Sunday 4:00pm 60 Panels in 60 Minutes
Sunday 5:30pm Food in Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Sunday 7:00pm Kitchen Gadgets
Sunday 8:30pm Preserving Media in the Age of Streaming
Monday 10:00am Steampunk Isn’t Dead
Monday 11:30am Folk Horror

Fast Track

Friday 5:00pm Fast Track—Meet the Staff and Free Play
Saturday 8:30am Geeky Play Date—Saturday
Saturday 9:30am Fast Track Early Dropoff—Saturday morning
Saturday 10:00am Make Your Own Wings
Saturday 10:00am K’NEX Konnect: Bridging Imagination Workshop & Contest
Saturday 11:00am Fast Track Pickup—Saturday lunchtime
Saturday 12:30pm Fast Track Early Dropoff—Saturday afternoon
Saturday 1:00pm Design Your Own Coat of Arms
Saturday 1:00pm Project Cosplay: Costumes
Saturday 2:30pm Origami Star Constellations
Saturday 2:30pm No Thank You, Evil!
Saturday 5:00pm Fast Track Pickup—Saturday dinnertime
Sunday 8:30am Geeky Play Date—Sunday
Sunday 9:30am Fast Track Early Dropoff—Sunday morning
Sunday 10:00am The Johto National Park Bug-Catching Contest
Sunday 10:00am Franken Stuffies
Sunday 10:00am Improv Theater Games for Kids
Sunday 10:00am Throwing Things
Sunday 11:00am Fast Track Pickup—Sunday lunchtime
Sunday 12:30pm Fast Track Early Dropoff—Sunday afternoon
Sunday 1:00pm All About Poi
Sunday 1:00pm Start Your Clay Dragon Clutch
Sunday 1:00pm Project Cosplay: Props
Sunday 1:00pm Obstacle Course Create & Conquer
Sunday 2:30pm Young Fans’ Creative Corner
Sunday 2:30pm Moving Methods
Sunday 4:00pm Kids Volunteer with Fast Track—Sunday
Sunday 4:00pm Learn and Play Magic the Gathering
Sunday 4:00pm Classic Playground Games
Sunday 5:00pm Fast Track Pickup—Sunday dinnertime
Monday 8:30am Kids Volunteer with Fast Track—Monday
Monday 8:30am Geeky Play Date—Monday


Friday 3:00pm Mysteries From Abroad (Clockwork Dominion)
Friday 4:00pm Dungeons and Dragons (5E) for Beginners... With a Twist!
Friday 4:00pm Shadowdark: The Tomb of Ostrabaris (Shadowdark RPG)
Friday 7:00pm Baldur’s Gate 3: Your Choices Matter
Friday 7:30pm The Old Took’s Legacy (The One Ring 2nd edition)
Friday 8:00pm Winterhorn (LARP)
Friday 8:00pm Shadow Hunters
Friday 8:00pm Snowmageddon! (Indie Homebrew)
Friday 8:00pm NERF Blaster War—Friday Session
Friday 9:00pm Nightly Duties (Maid RPG)
Friday 11:59pm Cosmic Encounter (Eon)
Saturday 9:00am Lumberjills (LARP)
Saturday 9:00am Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (LARP)
Saturday 10:00am Um, Actually!
Saturday 10:00am Mysteries From Abroad (Clockwork Dominion)
Saturday 10:00am Snowmageddon! (Indie Homebrew)
Saturday 11:00am NERF Blaster War—Saturday Session
Saturday 12:00pm Dungeon! (D&D 5E)
Saturday 12:00pm Flamecraft
Saturday 12:00pm Dungeons and Dragons (5E) for Beginners... With a Twist!
Saturday 1:00pm Magician’s Challenge
Saturday 1:00pm Academy for Adolescent Monsters (Bingo RPG)
Saturday 2:00pm The Skeletons (written by Jason Morningstar, run by Eugenio Vargas)
Saturday 2:00pm Flamecraft
Saturday 3:00pm Pixie Punishment (Little Wizards)
Saturday 4:00pm Dungeons and Dragons (5E) for Beginners... With a Twist!
Saturday 4:00pm Flamecraft
Saturday 5:00pm The Witch Is Dead
Saturday 6:00pm Immortal Politics (LARP)
Saturday 6:00pm The Broken Tower (Runequest:Adventures In Glorantha)
Saturday 7:00pm Academy for Adolescent Monsters (Bingo RPG)
Saturday 7:00pm What We Learn From Gaming
Saturday 8:00pm Who Do You Think You Are? (LARP)
Saturday 8:30pm Safety Systems in TTRPG spaces
Saturday 9:00pm A Needle’s Eyesight (Dread)
Saturday 9:00pm CY_BORG: Download Terror
Saturday 11:59pm Midnight Cosmic Encounter
Sunday 9:00am Nightingales: Casablanca
Sunday 10:00am Nightly Duties (Maid RPG)
Sunday 10:00am Snowmageddon! (Indie Homebrew Minis Game)
Sunday 10:00am Pendragon: The Great Hunt (Pendragon 6E)
Sunday 11:00am A Support Group for Poorly Written Characters (LARP)
Sunday 11:00am DIE RPG: Con Quest (DIE RPG v1.1)
Sunday 11:30am LARPing groups and what to expect from them.
Sunday 12:00pm Classic Traveller
Sunday 1:00pm Shadowdark: The Tomb of Ostrabaris (Shadowdark RPG)
Sunday 1:00pm Don’t Overprepare: Outlining a TTRPG campaign
Sunday 2:00pm On Frayed Threads (LARP)
Sunday 2:00pm A Support Group for Poorly Written Characters (LARP)
Sunday 3:00pm Mysteries From Abroad (Clockwork Dominion)
Sunday 4:00pm Immortal Politics (LARP)
Sunday 8:00pm The Sleepover (LARP)
Sunday 8:00pm Waterdeep: Mini-Heist (D&D 5e)
Sunday 9:00pm All-Night Arkham Returns!!
Monday 10:00am NERF War—Monday Edition
Monday 11:30am Games That Gave Us FEELS

Guest of Honor

Saturday 10:00am Winona Nelson: Art and Career
Saturday 11:30am Winona Nelson Meet & Greet
Saturday 4:00pm What Happens When a Pirate Interviews a Villain
Saturday 5:30pm Tanya DePass & Eugenio Vargas Meet & Greet
Sunday 10:00am Ryka Aoki Reading
Sunday 11:30am Ryka Aoki & Paul Sabourin Meet & Greet
Sunday 2:30pm Winona Nelson Tour of the Art Show
Sunday 2:30pm Chaos Live and In Colour (Live Play)


Friday 5:30pm Acting and Performing in Other Worlds
Friday 7:00pm Friday Evening Readings
Friday 7:00pm Best and Worst Fictional Battles, Skirmishes, and Fisticuffs
Friday 8:30pm Colonialism in Space
Friday 10:00pm Circlet Press Reading (18+)
Saturday 10:00am Education for the Future
Saturday 11:30am Representations of Mental Illness in SFF
Saturday 11:30am Saturday Morning Readings
Saturday 11:30am Memory and Erasure in Fictional Societies
Saturday 2:30pm Saturday Afternoon Readings (18+)
Saturday 4:00pm Fortune Tellers, Prophets, and Mediums
Saturday 5:30pm Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Saturday 7:00pm Invertebrates and Entomology in SFF
Saturday 8:30pm Saturday Night Readings
Sunday 11:30am Sunday Morning Readings—YA
Sunday 11:30am Scientists, Mathematicians, and Engineers in SFF
Sunday 1:00pm Crime, Punishment, and Justice in SFF
Sunday 2:30pm Sunday Afternoon Readings
Sunday 4:00pm The Science and Sociology of Terraforming
Sunday 5:30pm Sunday Evening Readings
Sunday 5:30pm Not Yet Done with Dragons
Monday 10:00am Monday Morning Readings
Monday 10:00am Roundup of New and Noteworthy Middle-Grade SFF
Monday 11:30am Laws, Lawyers, and Trials

Martial Arts

Saturday 11:00am Fighting with Swords!—Duels!
Saturday 1:00pm Honor and Blood: Nineteenth-Century Martial Arts Demo and Class
Saturday 5:30pm Open Fencing
Sunday 1:30pm Fighting with Swords!—Mixed Weapons Shenanigans!


Friday 5:30pm SuperWhoLock 2.0: Our Good Omens in the Shadows Mean Death
Friday 8:30pm Barbie and Poor Things: What Was I Made For?
Friday 8:30pm Long May He Reign: 70 Years of Godzilla
Saturday 11:30am Not Just Rocks, Robots, and Aliens
Saturday 1:00pm Movie Year in Review
Saturday 4:00pm Anime 101: Finding A New Fandom
Saturday 7:00pm Can James Gunn Save DC Films?
Saturday 8:30pm Doctor Who at 60
Sunday 10:00am It Belongs in a Museum: The Final Adventure of Indiana Jones
Sunday 5:30pm TV Year in Review
Sunday 8:30pm The Year in Marvel
Monday 10:00am Star Trek Renaissance: A Look Back at NuTrek


Friday 4:00pm Shabbat Services
Friday 5:30pm Maker Crafting Social
Friday 7:00pm Ribbon Trading Meetup
Friday 7:00pm Arisia First Night Social
Friday 8:30pm Teasecraft Kinky Maker Meetup: Show & Tell (18+)
Friday 8:30pm Non-Binary Mixer & Safe Space
Saturday 10:00am Parents with Infants & Toddlers Meetup
Saturday 1:00pm Steampunk Meetup
Saturday 2:30pm POC Meetup
Saturday 4:00pm Asexuality-Umbrella Meetup
Saturday 5:30pm Fans with Disabilities Meetup
Saturday 5:30pm Techies of Arisia Meetup
Saturday 7:00pm Boston Whovians Doctor Who Meet Up
Saturday 10:00pm The Arisia Munch (18+)
Sunday 10:00am Artist Meet and Greet
Sunday 11:30am Speculative Fiction Writers Cafe
Sunday 1:00pm Neurodivergent Meetup
Sunday 4:00pm Recovery Check-In
Sunday 4:00pm In Memoriam
Sunday 5:30pm Polyamory Meetup


Friday 5:30pm Rousing Chorus Songs
Friday 10:00pm Open Singing—Fri 10:00 PM
Saturday 10:00am Songwriting Roundtable
Saturday 11:30am Sing-along: Yiddish Songs
Saturday 1:00pm Sing-along: Pirate Songs
Saturday 2:30pm Sing-along: Muppet Songs
Saturday 4:00pm Songs of Protest and Resistance
Saturday 5:30pm Songs of Drink
Saturday 7:00pm Speed Songwriting
Saturday 8:30pm NerdPop Sing-Along
Saturday 9:00pm DJ Dirge—Saturday Night Dance
Saturday 10:00pm Open Singing—Sat 10:00 PM
Sunday 10:00am Sing-along: Disney Songs
Sunday 11:30am Come Sing with Windborne!
Sunday 1:00pm As Seen and Heard On The Interwebs
Sunday 5:30pm Open Singing—Sun 5:30 PM
Sunday 7:00pm Cartoon Girl Bands
Sunday 8:30pm Sing-along: Musicals and Show Tunes
Monday 10:00am Traditional Ballad Bingo
Monday 11:30am Dead Dog Open Sing


Friday 10:00pm Friday Night Coloring
Saturday 11:30am Sewing Circle
Saturday 2:30pm Chainmail Knitting Circle
Saturday 8:30pm Social Drawing
Sunday 2:30pm Papercrafting
Sunday 2:30pm Fiber Arts Circle
Sunday 7:00pm Social Co-Writing Space
Monday 11:30am Knitting and Crocheting Circle


Friday 7:00pm This is Fine: Climate Change and You
Saturday 10:00am Archaeology in Reality and Speculative Fiction
Saturday 1:00pm Mass Extinctions: Past, Present and Future
Saturday 5:30pm The Good, the Bad and the Cringe: Science in Social Media
Saturday 7:00pm Science is Magic That Works
Sunday 1:00pm The Year in Science 2023
Sunday 7:00pm The “Return” of Pandemics (Which Never Actually Left)


Friday 4:00pm The Thief of Bagdad
Friday 6:25pm Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Friday 8:00pm Mrs. Hawking: VIVAT REGINA—the streaming film
Friday 8:15pm Blue Beetle
Friday 10:25pm Gorija (aka Godzilla)
Saturday 12:00am Robot Monster
Saturday 1:10am Shrek 3D
Saturday 1:20am The Bubble
Saturday 9:00am Looney Tunes
Saturday 10:00am Gulliver’s Travels (Animated)
Saturday 11:20am Winsor McCay’s animated shorts
Saturday 12:05pm Avatar—The Last Airbender
Saturday 1:40pm Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Saturday 3:45pm Tanya DePass—Game Changer
Saturday 4:10pm The Lost World
Saturday 5:55pm A Wrinkle in Time
Saturday 8:05pm Yellow Submarine
Saturday 9:40pm Kronos
Saturday 11:05pm The Call of Cthulhu
Sunday 12:00am Creature from the Black Lagoon
Sunday 1:20am Woody Woodpecker—“Hypnotic Hick”
Sunday 1:30am Revenge of the Creature
Sunday 9:00am Gargoyles
Sunday 10:10am Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor
Sunday 10:30am Adventures of Prince Achmed
Sunday 11:40am A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
Sunday 1:10pm Disney’s Man In Space Trilogy (some Animation)
Sunday 2:45pm Metropolis
Sunday 5:15pm Galaxy Quest
Sunday 6:00pm Mrs. Hawking: BASE INSTRUMENTS—the streaming film
Sunday 7:00pm Coraline
Sunday 9:00pm Madam Satan
Sunday 11:00pm The Avengers: From Venus with Love
Monday 12:00am It Came From Outer Space
Monday 1:20am B.O.B.’s Big Break
Monday 1:35am Gog
Monday 9:00am Asterix and the Vikings
Monday 10:20am Mickey Mouse in “Steamboat Willie”
Monday 10:30am Superman Cartoons by Fleischer Studios
Monday 11:00am Audience Choice


Friday 7:00pm How to Win at Pitching
Saturday 11:30am How to Script and Draw a “Fold-In”
Saturday 2:30pm Soldering 101
Saturday 4:00pm ”Figure Writing” with a Live Writing Prompt
Saturday 5:30pm Corset Design and Adjustment
Saturday 7:00pm Making it Fit: Techniques for Body Neutral Cosplay
Sunday 10:00am Dry Brush Techniques for Cosplay Props
Sunday 11:30am (Re)Design for Variant Cosplay
Sunday 1:00pm Blockprinting
Sunday 4:00pm Dr GameMaster or: How I learned to stop Controling and Trust the PCs
Monday 11:30am Hands-on (or Hands-off) Theremin Workshop


Friday 5:30pm Anatomy of a Scene
Friday 8:30pm Mythology for Fictional Worlds
Saturday 10:00am Shop Talk: Being a Writer in 2024
Saturday 11:30am Dungeons, Dragons, and Writers: A Live Event
Saturday 1:00pm Get Rec’d! Books for Aspiring Writers
Saturday 4:00pm Writing Hope
Saturday 7:00pm Writing With The Rainbow
Saturday 8:30pm Writing for the Senses
Sunday 10:00am Writing History with Authenticity
Sunday 4:00pm Writing Realistic Young Adult Fiction
Sunday 5:30pm Not Quite Utopia
Sunday 8:30pm Embracing the Alien: Writing Believable ETs
Monday 10:00am Story Pitch Challenge
Monday 11:30am Combining Fantasy and Science Fiction
Monday 11:30am A Rose by Any Other Name