Town Hall Meeting - September 2021

September will be a busy month for folks, but given the recent COVID news and discussion, Arisia will be having a Town Hall meeting on September 12 at 1:00 pm on Zoom to discuss our COVID policies and safety procedures.  The Zoom link for this meeting was posted on this website on September 12.

The Con Chair and Safety Teams are in the process of drafting our COVID policies, and this process will likely continue up until very near the convention.  Our goal is to be as flexible as possible with the changes that will be coming ahead.

We would like to hear from the Arisia community their thoughts about what they think those policies should look like, the values we should focus on, and any practical suggestions.  We are also looking to other conventions as they begin resuming in-person events.

Here is what has already been decided:  We will be having an in-person convention this year.  We will not be able to pivot to a fully virtual convention with our present staff and resources.  We will have some virtual content.  All attendees over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated.  Masks will be required in almost all convention spaces, the major exception being spaces specifically designated for eating and drinking.

Here is what is likely:  We will likely be attempting to gather proof of vaccination from attendees.  The methods and process for doing this have not yet been determined.

Here is what we don’t know yet:  We don’t yet know what our policies will be for children under 12.  We don’t yet know what our policies will be concerning booster shots.

As we get close to the season when most of the pre-convention work starts to ramp up, this will likely be the last Town Hall in 2021.  If you can attend, we encourage you to do so!  If you cannot attend, you can always send your feedback to,, or reach out to the con chair team directly at  

Even as we begin to write up our policies, we still want to hear from you!  As things change with the pandemic between now and January, these policies will have to change accordingly.  We value the opinions of the community and want to make the convention as welcoming and safe as possible.

Thank you!

Vivian Abraham

Arisia 2022 Con Chair