Martial-Arts Class Information

Swords Are Fun! with Sword Lesson and Live Q&A: Saturday, 10:00 am

Athena School of Arms presents an Introduction to Historical Fencing & Martial
Arts. We show the basic concepts of the modern study and practice of weapon arts
from the European Middle Ages to the 19th century. With Demonstrations of free
fencing and cutting with sharp swords. The session includes a Scottish Basket-hilt
Sword lesson. Have a stick ready for the lesson's start. Live Q&A will follow the
presentation on Arisia's chat platform, Discord. A Zoom longsword lesson is on
Sunday at 10:30 (see below).

En Garde! SCA Rapier Fencing Demo & Crash Course: Saturday, 2;30 pm

Sword simulators folks can use: a stick, a broom, a ruler, a baton, a cane, a large
kitchen spoon or spatula, a pen. As for space, anything bigger than a tiny
apartment closet should be fine.

Live Introductory Longsword Lesson: Sunday, 10:30 am

Have a stick handy when the lesson starts. You can download a class outline here: (text) or (PDF).

Teen Swordplay: Sunday, 3:00 pm

Space requirements:

I recommend a space of 3 meters in all three directions (left/right, up/down, and forward/back). If you do not have this amount of space available to you, I recommend that you use a sword-simulator which is a little smaller (see below). If you do not have a rectangle where you can stand up straight at least 1 meter by 2 meters, there will be portions of class when you cannot participate.

Clothing recommendations:

Wear clothing that you are comfortable exercising in. You will be getting a workout.

Sword simulators:

If there are blunt practice swords in your house and you have the space, those are
ideal. You will need a single handed and a two handed sword for parts of this class.
Make sure that you ask your parents' permission before you start swinging
practice swords around the living room.

The following is a list of common items which would be appropriate for this class.

A stick
A piece of PVC pipe
Plastic lightsaber
Baseball bat
Cricket bat
Yard stick
Lacrosse stick

The following is a list of common items to use if you have enough space (at least 4
meters in every direction), but which are typically too big. Even if you have the
space, these items are less ideal than those listed above.

Mop handle
Hockey stick

The following is a list of common items you can use if you do not have enough

Flashlight long enough to be held in two hands.
Stick no more than 25cm in length.
Ruler (1 foot)
Axe handle (not appropriate if the axe head is attached!)
Basically, anything that looks like an 80-110cm long stick is ideal.
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