LARPs at Arisia

Arisia 2017 will have a wide selection of live-action roleplaying games from fantasy to science fiction to steampunk adventure!

Below is the list of games we had at Arisia 2016.

Live Action Role Playing

The Colored Titles below are links to the full Description of the Game.

Vampire: the Masquerade
Vampire the Masquerade - Friday, 7:30pm
Hosted by: Mind’s Eye Society - Tyler Brown
Theater Style LARP using By Night Studios rules
This is an 18+ Event

Boston rose from the primordial woods, the jewel of the colony of Massachusetts. It became a bastion for freedom, and then for enlightenment. However, while the mortal world runs unchecked and democracy reigns, the Camarilla and her Kindred still serve the Prince of the city following what many believe are outdated traditions. Many see the Sabbat as broken and the Prince free from the machinations of Elders, but is that true? Or does Boston's strict adherence to Tradition mask an uncertain base?

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts: A Timeless Tale - Saturday, 3:00pm
Hosted By: Michael Dlott
Theater Style LARP using homebrewed rules

This world has been severed. Help reconnect with disney and square characters and worlds to defeat a sinister sorceress. This is a precast larp but players may join at con as summons, sidekicks and henchmen. Please Come in costume

Roles available can be found if you follow the button link above. Please email Michael Dlott at
Nexus Elements
Nexus Elements - Session 1: Friday, 7:30pm; Session 2: Saturday, 7:30pm; Session 3: Monday, 11:00am
Hosted by: Nexus Elements Fantasy Gaming - Dori Schendell
Boffer Style LARP using the Nexus Fantasy Gaming rules

Nexus Fantasy Gaming is a Live Action Role Playing game based in an original world. It is our goal to provide a fun and safe event for both Adventurers and Game Cast alike. We strive to make an exciting and enjoyable game for all those who attend.

Reunited - Saturday Midnight (Sunday 12:00am)
Hosted By: ExArcana - RM Sean B Jaffe
Theater Style LARP using the ExArcana Rules

Your Arcanum Chapterhouse, a secret society of monster-hunters, has trapped a cluster of deadly Bloodless Vampires at a local hotel, but they're sure to make things complicated before you strike.

All Bets Are Off
All Bets Are Off - Sunday, 8:00pm
Hosted By: Anna Bradley
Theater Style LARP using the Mind’s Eye Theater Laws of the Wild rules
This is an 18+ event

Come play a World of Darkness Werewolf, as you figure out what is going on at the new casino in town.

Mad Science Funding Council
Her Eternal Majesty's Privy Council for the Continual Funding of the Mad Arts & Sciences - Sunday, 5:00pm
Hosted By: Susan Weiner
Theater Style LARP using homebrewed rules

The year 2500 in a far-future steampunk setting: the Galactic Empire is ruled by the preserved brain of Queen Victoria. A small number of players will play council members, and the rest will play a rotating cast of mad scientists and con artists. The council's decisions may determine the fate of the Galactic Empire.

The Host asks that all preregistrants fill out Arisia's attendance form as well as their pre-game questionnaire found here.

One Night in Bangkok
One Night in Bangkok - Sunday, 10:00am
Hosted By: K.N. Granger
Theater Style LARP using homebrewed rules
This is an 18+ Event

A LARP based on the musical, CHESS. No singing required!

Swords, spells, and puzzles! Oh my! - Saturday, 8:30am
Hosted by: The Realms - Dan Diamond
Boffer Style LARP using The Realms rules

Realms LARP: The citadel of a powerful mage lies abandoned, and the magic is leaking out and wreaking havoc on the countryside. Adventurers are needed to investigate the ruins, learn about the magic, and restore order. There are rumors that great rewards still lie within the citadel, but use caution. No doubt the mage worked hard to protect his wealth.

Immortal Politics
Immortal Politics - Saturday, 1:00am
Hosted by: Nexus Elements Fantasy Gaming - Dori Schendell
Boffer Style Theater LARP using Nexus Elements Fantasy Rules

In a world where people no longer believe in the things that go bump in the night, those things must come together to decide their future. What happens when one brings together a group of ancient and powerful beings?

Muppet Purgatory
Muppet Purgatory - Sunday, 12:00pm Hosted By: Beth Baniszewski
Theater Style LARP using homebrewed rules

The entire cast and crew of the Muppet Show were killed in a tragically hilarious accident. Now they are stuck in Purgatory awaiting Judgment. But the disposition of their souls does not rest upon their earthly deeds. No. They must perform for their salvation. God and Satan are watching.

Muppet Purgatory is a 4 hour long low-plot, high-roleplaying game. The majority of characters will perform in at least one improv skit, and many characters will perform in several. Anyone who does not wish to play the game is welcome to sit in the audience and watch the skits.

If you are interested in playing in this LARP, the Host requests that you fill out their questionnaire.

FAROS: 7 Deadly Synths - Saturday, 10:00pm
Hosted By: Larp Adventure Program - Eric Love
Sci-Fi NERF and Boffer Combat Style LARP in conjunction with Nordic Style LARP game using the L.A.P.'s FAROS Roleplaying System
This is an 18+ Event

You are a mercenary caught in the middle of an interstellar shadow war of the Auriga Project. Big name tech companies are paying out insane bids that will buy you freedom throughout the "Legends of the Stars". For any hope of survival, you must decide what you're willing to risk, because it just might be humanity. Space is limited, please preregister to confirm placement. Teams of 3 players per adventuring party. "Discover your Personal Legend"

Adult Nerf War
NERF Gun War: Young at Heart - Sunday, 9:30pm
Hosted by: Mieke Citroen
Nerf Combat Style "Game"

Who says NERF guns are just for kids? This year we’re running a full-out, no holds barred NERF war for those whose biological age is 13 earth years or more. Bring your arsenal and plenty of ammo. This is strictly BYOG, although if you have extras, they will undoubtedly be very welcome. Please note that protective eyewear is mandatory for those under 16—bring goggles if you have them.

If you are interested in any of the above LARPs, we ask that you fill out the Player registration form here: